Township cemetery records and burial information


No plots are for sale in either of the two Harris Township cemeteries.  If you seek to arrange a burial for an owned plot, please contact the township and ideally provide the written deed or other ownership papers that were issued upon sale of your plot.  Without such paperwork, the process becomes difficult if not impossible, so please start the process with ample lead time.

Information about who is buried

Townships were given responsibility for certain cemeteries which existed prior to 1939.  It does not include record-keeping responsibility, and in many instances no records are available.  This is especially true for older graves.  In Salem and Harris Prairie cemeteries, some burials occurred in the 1800s.  See below for applicable Indiana Code information.

The Harris Township Trustee has access to some records, and might work with you on a time-available basis to look for information that might aid you in your research.  We may also be able to suggest other resources.  This assistance is typically hit-and-miss, and takes time.

If you are willing to do research using our records, in our offices, and improve our records in the process, please contact the township.


IC 23-14-68
Care of cemetery by Township:

  • Cemeteries without funds for maintenance
  • In existence before February 28, 1939
  • Not managed by any viable organizations

Defines what the Township Trustee must do:

  • Reset and straighten all monuments
  • Level and seed the ground
  • Construct fences
  • Destroy detrimental plants, noxious weeds, and rank vegetation

The Indiana DNR offers related information here:

Laws Regarding Cemeteries in Indiana can be found in a few places including in the Indiana Code IC 14-21-1

The independent Find A Grave website can be a good resource for cemetery information, grave information and photos.