Township Initiatives

Current Projects 1
Planned Projects 2
Completed Projects 3

Plans for a playground at Elm Road and for a pavilion at Brummitt Road are nearing completion.

Playground construction at Elm Road.

Pavilion construction at Brummitt Road.

Signs at all township locations.

Lighting and landscaping (trees and flowers) at the Elm Road park
Date completed: Spring 2017

Elm Ped Park (EPP) opening, including pickleball and basketball courts, and ball diamond
Date completed: November 2016

Harris Township Park – lot resurfacing
Date completed: October 2016

Cell Tower – new revenues of over $25,000 per year
Date completed: Summer 2016

Township Assistance spending reduced over $40,000 annually
Date completed: December 31, 2015

Cemetery Restoration
Date completed: September 2015

Harris Township Park seating
Date completed: September 2015

Web Site Implemented
Date completed: July 2015

Upgraded Harris Township Park playground (repairs, mulch)
Date completed: May 2015
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Implemented Workfare
Date completed: March 2015

Township Assistance spending reduced by 78% year-to-date
Date completed: Through May 2015

Installed 10 bird boxes and 100 trees at Harris Township Park
Date Completed: May 2015