Salem Cemetery

Salem Cemetery

Salem Cemetery

Each of the cemeteries has hundreds of grave sites. Some early pioneers are buried in Harris Prairie Cemetery. If you have information you’d like to reference or add, please contact the trustee.

If you own a grave site and need information, please contact the trustee. It will help if you have a copy of the deed or other paperwork.

Salem Cemetery 
52173 Ash Road
Granger, Indiana 46530
Parking is available in the New Salem United Methodist Church parking lot.

Cemetery Facts:

  • Headstones date back to the 1800s
  • Find A Grave: We can’t vouch for this site, but you might find it interesting
  • For history buffs, the reason a township maintains a cemetery is because state law says it must as long as it existed in 1939 and was abandoned
  • For genealogy buffs, don’t assume a township maintaining a cemetery has original records, at least those from the beginning years of the cemetery
  • More History on Salem Cemetery (PDF)

Cemetery rules:

  • May be posted on site
  • Please don’t leave anything at a cemetery that could be considered litter, or that would have to be thrown out later by someone other than you
  • There are no garbage cans and no waste service at the cemeteries
  • New cemetery rules are in effect, with plants subject to removal

Please contact the trustee if you’re interested in researching the history of the cemetery or those buried there, or improving cemetery records. You can also offer feedback on the Salem Cemetery.