Pickleball at Elm Road

There are four pickleball courts.
Only pickleball play is allowed on the courts.  No tennis.  No other use.
No wheels are ever allowed on the courts.  No pets.  Do not sit on nets or otherwise disrespect the courts.
A township official, or the township’s agent, may close courts or deny access to anyone, at any time.

Only the township may reserve a court.
An Introduction to Pickleball class is held some Mondays from 6 pm to 7 pm, for which at least 2 courts are set aside.  See news posts for details.  The class instructors are agents of the township.  They are typically volunteers from the Michiana Pickleball Association.  For 2020, no lessons are offered due to COVID-19.  For 2019, sessions were held on the first and third Mondays of the month starting in May.

You can expect play at Elm Road when the weather is good, from the time the nets are put up in the spring until the time they are taken down in the fall.   If nets need adjustment, please notify the township.  Please respect the neighbors by limiting play to between approximately 9 am and 9 pm, natural light allowing.  You can expect a crowd at certain times that the local pickleball community has agreed to come together including Monday evenings, Thursday evenings, Saturday mornings, and Sunday evenings.

Whenever people are waiting to play, winners may stay and losers must leave the court – or at least offer to do so.
Winners may stay for no more than three games, then must leave the court.  As a courtesy, winners should consider rotating out after 2 games.
A system may be in place to queue players in sequence, or one may be implemented by agreement.  Please do not manipulate the system.  It’s rude.
When many players are waiting, please be considerate by rotating out all four players after playing one game.
By agreement of everyone at the courts at a particular time, a single challenge court may be designated.  Winners stay.
Standard rules for pickleball apply, including games to 11 points, win by two or more.

Here are some guidelines for getting along with fellow players.  Please play nice, and do unto others…

  • don’t attempt to reserve a court, or squat on a court, in any way, shape, manner or form
  • when players are waiting, be considerate – perhaps opting to return at another time if you have 4 people who only want to play together
  • when ‘newbies’ join you, help them and play under your level if necessary; we were all new at one time
  • if needed, agree on a method to wait in line for the next available court – for example, by lining up paddles
  • don’t skip your turn, stay out of line, or stack the line to only play with certain players;  join the ‘community’ of players
  • if the courts are dirty, consider cleaning them
  • if you see people disrespecting the courts, take a picture and notify the township
  • be respectful of other players when waking on or off the courts, allowing a safe distance and not disrupting their play
  • when your ball goes astray, don’t barge onto other courts or assume you can enter because you called ‘ball’
  • use language that lifts others, or a least avoids being profane
  • pick up your trash
  • help lost items get to their proper place
  • play any music at a reasonable level, and only if everyone nearby is ok with what you’re playing

To report issues contact the township office by phone or email.  If you can, send a picture.

For more information about everything pickleball – including events, rules, other places to play, and local tournaments – contact the Michiana Pickleball Association on Facebook, or email michianapickleball@gmail.com