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So Who Provides My Services?

  • First: In an emergency – dial 911 – Emergency services will be dispatched to you based on the location of the event.
  • Next: It depends on whether you live in a city, and if you really live in Harris Township. Not sure if you live in Harris Township? Or if you also live in Mishawaka? A couple suggestions:
    • Head over to the Indiana Secretary of State website and use the page that helps you identify your elected officials  [Who Are My Elected Officials Page].
    • Enter your address, and if  you don’t see a “Municipal” tab, you don’t live in a city.
    • In any case you should see Federal, State, County and Township.
  • Finally: Call the St. Joseph County Voter Registration office (574-235-9521). They can help you register to vote, and if you ask nicely they’ll confirm your polling place and (this is key) whether you’re eligible to vote in the City of Mishawaka election.

Parks: Many government units offer parks – Federal, State, County, City and Township. Harris Township offers two parks – Harris Township Park and Elm Road Pedestrian Park. While the county owns land in the township, it has not yet been developed into a park.

Library: The Mishawaka-Penn-Harris Library is located in Harris Township and provides the typical services. It is located at:

Harris Branch
51446 Elm Road
Granger, IN 46530
Phone: 574.271.3179

Sewer & Water: The Granger business district, as defined by the St. Joseph County Regional Water & Sewer District, recently required businesses and some homeowners to connect to a sewer system [read more].  The County Health Department has been testing water in Granger. They plan to continue, and to analyze the results with citizen input.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Indiana Government but were afraid to ask…

Ever try to find the right person in government to address your issue? Maybe this will help, a little.

You’ve found the Harris Township website. Harris is an Indiana Township. There are over 1000 townships in Indiana. A township is one of the smallest units of government, and offers a relatively small number of services.

Harris Township arranges for fire protection services, administers poor relief and a related workfare program, maintains abandoned cemeteries and township-owned parks, and looks after other township assets. You can learn more about these elsewhere at this web site.

Typically, a township has nothing to do with police service, streets, water or sewer – to name a few.

If you live in a township, you also live in a county. Harris township is within St. Joseph County in northern Indiana. There are 13 townships in the county. [Learn More]

If you live in a township you may or may not live in a city. For Harris Township, the city you might live in is Mishawaka. Granger is not a city. South Bend is nearby.

All this matters because if you live in a city, certain services that otherwise would be provided by the township are instead provided to you by the city. Fire protection is a good example.

The pertinent boundaries of the City of Mishawaka change every time they annex outside their current limits. For example, they recently annexed land near the Heritage Square Martin’s Supermarket, and along Capital Avenue near the toll road entrance. When they annex, they are expanding the city to that area, charge taxes in that area, and must provide certain services including streets, fire and police protection, water, and sewer.