What is the status of the Elm Road park?

Upgrades to the land near State Road 23 and Elm Road are coming, but there are a few more hurdles to clear.  Construction is still expected in 2016.

A survey of the land has been completed, and a final design is underway.  The park will include connection to the Granger Path, a playground, basketball court, pickleball courts, and at least one pavilion.

Getting all the proper approvals is taking longer than initially expected.  Once we’ve cleared that hurdle, the project will go to bid.

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WSBT Elm Road Park Update


Harris Township announced plans to build a new park on Elm Road earlier this year. Now those plans will include the help of the Granger Sunrise Rotary Club. WSBT’s Patrick Roth reports.

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Granger Sunrise Rotary Joins Park Effort

Granger Sunrise Rotary is joining Harris Township’s effort to create a pedestrian park in Granger.  The Granger Sunrise Rotary is part of the worldwide organization, Rotary International.  Rotary is a volunteer organization of 1.2 million business and professional leaders united worldwide to provide humanitarian service and help build goodwill and peace.

Granger Sunrise Rotary is making a multi-year commitment to build and grow a playground on the land between the fire station and library branch on the east side of Elm Road just north of State Road23.  Rotary will hold fund-raisers in order to add on to the project.  Items that will be added to the park include swings, slide, picnic tables and a pavilion.

Playground construction is expected to begin spring 2016.

The Granger Sunrise Rotary is currently recruiting volunteers to help with installing playground equipment and related duties.  They are also accepting cash donations to help fund the project

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Thanks, Eagle Scout candidate Eric Baker!

It’s much easier to find a seat at Harris Township Park, thanks to Eric Baker.  The Eagle Scout candidate installed four picnic tables in the playground area, and eight wooden tables on two newly-created pads adjacent to soccer fields.  Come try them out when the park reopens in the spring.

Eric initiated, planned and implemented the project this fall – while leading a team of volunteers.  We wish Eric quick appoinment to the level of Eagle Scout.

Thanks, Eric!  — from Harris Township and the ECHO Soccer Club

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Soccer Shots at Elm Ped Park

Soccer Shots, a local organization, joined ECHO Soccer Club in making use of Harris Township’s play field located on Elm Road, between the library and fire station.

Check our Event Calendar if you’re interested in what is happening, and when.  Any organized use of the field is by permission of the township; don’t hesitate to contact us.  No promises for 2016, as we’re likely making changes to the park layout.

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Why planting is not allowed in township cemeteries

Trees and shrubs tend to grow – above ground and below.  Vegetation erodes grave markers.  Items placed on the ground interfere with lawn maintenance.

In conjunction with our cemetery restoration project, the township has begun removing plants.  No new planting is allowed.  A decoration or momento which fits on top of the grave marker is allowed.  Items placed contrary to this policy will be removed.  Any item which appears to be past a useful life is subject to removal at any time, and certainly during fall clean-up.  Thanks for your understanding.

Questions?  Want to discuss how you might establish an electronic memorial on our website?  Please contact the Trustee.


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Township improvement checklist

Good things have been happening since 1/1/2015:

  • EXPENSES DOWN, almost $10,000 annualized reduction in existing operational expenses
  • IMPROVED SERVICE, to township assistance recipients
  • REDUCED OVERALL EXPENDITURES, estimated $40,000 savings in township assistance alone (2015)
  • CEMETERY RESTORATION, long overdue for both township cemeteries
  • WEB SITE ESTABLISHED, HarrisTownship.in
  • INCREASED NON-TAX REVENUES, approaching $60,000 year-to-date
  • PARK IMPROVED, playground mulch, bird habitats and seating at Harris Township Park

Plans are underway for additional improvements.

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Can you guess what is under the black plastic?

There has been a lot of construction on Gumwood, Fir, and Brick Roads over the past year or so.  Harris Township residents will benefit, more than just in terms of repaved surfaces.

Stay tuned for updates.  Hint: most of “Granger” is not on city water.

In the mean time, do you care to offer a guess on what is happening?  If so, drop us a note at HarrisTrusteeLindsay@gmail.com

Background: Granger is not a city, therefore city services can’t be assumed.  For some insights on services and who provides them, we’ve provided a resource page.

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Operating expenses are down!

Doing the same for less is a good thing.  Do you see that very often in government?

Harris Township’s operating expenses have been reduced by almost $10,000 per year on an annualized basis – for existing general services.  We’ll put that money to good use elsewhere.

No magic, just hard work, a keen eye, and a sharp pencil.  How?  Stopping utilities that were rarely used, eliminating unneeded coverage, comparing prices, and taking full advantage of our tax-exempt status.

The dollars add up.  Stay tuned for more good news.

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Cemetery restoration is underway

Harris Township recently commissioned an extensive cemetery restoration project to be performed by Stone Revival Historical Preservation, an Indiana company.  Work is underway.

Both township cemeteries – Harris Prairie and Salem – will be improved primarily by the repair, straightening or cleaning of over 500 grave markers.

As of August 27th, work is complete on markers in the western portion of Harris Prairie Cemetery.  Take a look, and compare to the broken and discolored markers on the eastern portion, where work is just beginning.

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