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2022 Budget public hearing and adoption board meetings set

Notice is hereby given to taxpayers of Harris Township, St. Joseph County, Indiana that the proper officers of Harris Township will conduct a public hearing on the year 2022 budget, and a subsequent approval meeting.  The meetings will be held under the new pavilion within Harris Township Park at Brummitt Road.

Details are available at Indiana’s gateway website

Date of Public HearingTuesday, August 31 2021Date of Adoption MeetingTuesday, September 14 2021
Time of Public Hearing7:00 PMTime of Adoption Meeting7:00 PM
Public Hearing Place10650 Brummitt Road Granger 46530Adoption Meeting Place10650 Brummitt Road Granger 46530
Estimated Civil Max Levy$ 128,716
Fund Name2
Budget Estimate
Maximum Estimated Funds to be Raised (Including appeals and levies exempt from maximum levy limitations)
Excessive Levy Appeals (Included in Column 3)
Current Tax Levy
Levy Percentage Difference (Column 3 / Column 5)
0061-RAINY DAY$0$0$00
0101-GENERAL$600,000$113,716$0102,84710.57 %
0840-TOWNSHIP ASSISTANCE$39,500$15,000$018,699-19.78 %
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New pavilions, but not for rent (yet)

Park improvement projects are almost complete, including the addition of pavilions at each township park. We appreciate the inquiries to reserve (rent) them, but for 2021 that is not possible.

Any use of the pavilions by 10 or more people requires 48-hour advance notice to the township, and even then such use is not exclusive.

Future additions are likely in 2022, but for now each is extremely limited on seating, garbage capacity, and parking (especially at Elm).

Therefore we ask all park visitors to take your garbage with you, leave them as you found them (including where tables are located), and help us manage parking by using the large lot at Brummitt, and at Elm use the church and library lots when they are closed. We have agreements with them.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

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