Get off my lawn…for several weeks (please)

Get off my lawn…for several weeks (please)

The new lawn has been applied at Elm Road Pedestrian Park, via a hydro-seeding process.  Park construction is winding down, but there are a few weeks left until the park is open.  In the mean time, PLEASE let the grass start growing and stay off the courts if they are in the process of being painted.  If we have to pay to rework anything, it will be wasted money.  [Your Harris Township Trustee hates waste!]

What is left to do this year?  Fencing.  Court painting, sealing and drying.  Planting trees and shrubs.  Installing benches, garbage cans and bike lock-up loops.  Completion of the ball diamond infield.  Removal of some light poles and installation of others.

After this year the playground will be improved, and one or more pavilions may be built.  Please watch for fundraisers — including by Granger Sunrise Rotary –for your opportunities to help make future improvements a reality.

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