LAST CALL: Now hiring a Grounds Keeper

LAST CALL: Now hiring a Grounds Keeper

Applications are being accepting and interviews conducted for the position of Grounds Keeper, with an initial start date of late October 2016.  Interested parties should contact the Trustee at or 574-272-2371 so that an interview can be scheduled by October 6th.

The position will be seasonal (approximately March through November), and part time (approximately 20 hours per week) on a relatively flexible schedule, paid at a competitive hourly rate based on experience and skills.  No benefits.  The position requires a vehicle, with mileage to be reimbursed.

Responsibilities include oversight of two township parks and two cemeteries, mowing the lawn at one park, tree maintenance, trash removal, inspecting playgrounds and courts, court and sidewalk cleaning, care of courts and nets, minor repairs and installations, and working with service providers.  Also: being on-call via phone or text, ownership of problems, plus planning for and implementing improvements across a variety of areas including parking, lighting, signage, bird habitats, rentals, and security.

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