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Can you guess what is under the black plastic?

There has been a lot of construction on Gumwood, Fir, and Brick Roads over the past year or so.  Harris Township residents will benefit, more than just in terms of repaved surfaces.

Stay tuned for updates.  Hint: most of “Granger” is not on city water.

In the mean time, do you care to offer a guess on what is happening?  If so, drop us a note at

Background: Granger is not a city, therefore city services can’t be assumed.  For some insights on services and who provides them, we’ve provided a resource page.

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Operating expenses are down!

Doing the same for less is a good thing.  Do you see that very often in government?

Harris Township’s operating expenses have been reduced by almost $10,000 per year on an annualized basis – for existing general services.  We’ll put that money to good use elsewhere.

No magic, just hard work, a keen eye, and a sharp pencil.  How?  Stopping utilities that were rarely used, eliminating unneeded coverage, comparing prices, and taking full advantage of our tax-exempt status.

The dollars add up.  Stay tuned for more good news.

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