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Harris Prairie Cemetery Restoration Work Scheduled

A comprehensive restoration project is scheduled to begin in August 2015.

Grave markers including foot stones will be cleaned, reset and repaired as needed.

During this work, access to plots may be restricted.  All vegetation, decorations and other items are subject to temporary and permanent removal.

Restoration at Salem Cemetery is planned for later this year.

If you have questions, or would like to bring anything to the attention of the township, please contact us.

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Cemetery visitors – important notice

Shrubs, trees and flowers that grow near a headstone will likely damage it.   Please work with us to protect your loved one’s resting place.  Contact us, and we’ll work with you.

Take a look at the photo.  Not only does weather impact headstones, but the plant you see growing could be quickly become a problem.  We know that a small rose bush or evergreen planted today might seem to honor the deceased, but that won’t be the case in ten years.  So please, think before you plant.

Plans are being made for restoration efforts at the two cemeteries maintained by Harris Township.  As part of the effort, vegetation and decorations will be removed.  If you visit the cemetery, we’d much rather work with you before that time arrives.  Please contact the Trustee for more information.

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